Exciting news! A brand new studio and rebranding to Fresh Focus Photography

2019 is here.  I have made the most of this cold, dreary weather by working hard to design my brand new photography studio with my friend and designer,  Julie Wiscaver.  The studio will be a mix of fresh, modern pieces and a little bit of refurbished antiques, (because you KNOW  I love to go antiquing)!!!   The new studio will open  in early March, and I can’t wait to invite you to see it, experience this tranquil, lovely setting while I capture your baby, family, boudoir images for you.

I’ve also taken this time to rebrand my business name.  After 20 years in business, I felt it was the right time to take a fresh approach to my business and I have actually had this name for about 10 years when I taught newborn workshops around the country.   I worked with a talented logo designer to get exactly the feel I wanted with my new logo and I hope you love it as much as I do.


Coming up with new and creative ideas as a photographer is what I love to do.  Always on the hunt  for new props that will delight my littlest customers and make their images special.  

So today, I blog a few of my favorite images from sessions shot in the last year. These images have really melted my heart.

I hope you will let all your expecting friends know about Fresh Focus Photography .  Newborn sessions are typically done between 7-14 days old.  Booking during your pregnancy is wise, as most of the best, experienced photographers have their schedules planned out well in advance.   I also offer gift certificates – so if you are going to a baby shower – give them a gift they will think is PRICELESS!!!

All these outfits are in my prop closet for clients to choose from.  Hats, headbands, and even this little vintage pillow are all added to compliment, not overpower, the baby.  The baby is expertly posed with care, always keeping your baby safe and secure.

One Year photos are a MUST – the baby is full of personality and I love to capture it all for you.  As I know personally, one day they are little, the next  day they are going off to college and you are left, crying on the driveway waving goodbye!

Mother with Child images are super special.  I love to keep everything really simple and clean for these types of sessions because I love the skin tones, shiny hair and to be able to just focus on capturing the relationship you have with your small child.

Toddler photography is one where experience is a MUST.  Children between 1-3 typically have their own agenda, so it’s important for me to have little tricks and props to entertain and delight them.  I have an extensive prop and wardrobe collection for my clients,  and over 100 backdrops to choose from.  

After being in business for 20 years, I can honestly say, I love my “job” and look forward to what 2019 has in store for me and my little customers.

All the best to you and your family,



Digital Images Delivered In Style

It seems these days all my customers want digital images, so I wanted to have something stylish to deliver them on.

I just got these new custom USB drives from USB Memory Direct, which is a wholesale USB company.  They did a great job, were easy and friendly to work with and the wooden USBs are the perfect way to deliver images to my customer.  They have different styles and can customize anything.  This style is the Tower.  They added my logo and I just love the look of it.

I’m loving my new custom flash drives from USB Memory Direct!

First Days of your Newborn’s Life are the Most Precious

The First Days Of Your Newborn’s Life Are The Most Precious—Capture Them Forever With Photographs You’ll Cherish For A Lifetime

Newborn photography by Brenda Horan
“I have at least two walls in my house completely covered with Brenda’s photos of our family! She took our daughter’s newborn photos several years ago, and we haven’t used any other photographer since. She is especially patient with newborn shoots and any sitting that involves children. Somehow, she’s able to solicit smiles from all our kids and us at the same time, creating a gorgeous portrait for us to cherish forever…” ~ Cristen O.

There’s No Other Experience Like It

Nothing is more magical, emotional, or amazing than seeing and holding your new baby for the very first time.

The early days, weeks, and months of parenthood will be an incredible experience, but you may not realize how FAST those times will FLY by!

Every parent will tell you those early days go by in the blink of an eye.

The things you treasure so much—the smell of a baby’s skin, the feel of his or her little body cuddled against yours—become distant but cherished memories as your children quickly change and grow.

Before you know it, you’ve been carried along on the roller coaster ride of bringing up your adorable children, but the memories of those previous first moments with your new baby are just that—memories.


What One Mom Had To Say


Newborn photography by Brenda Horan

Brenda is one of the most dedicated and passionate photographers I’ve met. She’s been our family photographer for the last 6 years.

I noticed a beautiful card advertising her photography business at The Market in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was pregnant with my first born. I viewed her website and immediately signed up for her Baby Cakes program.

This was such an important time to capture our new family beginning. Brenda exceeded all our expectations with gorgeous images that were perfection. I almost couldn’t believe these images were mine.

The images were so impressive that they brought tears of joy and happiness to many eyes, including my family and friends. I now have three children.

I loved Brenda’s work and style so much, I continue to use her with all three children and she continues to amaze me with her talent. I love her gentleness with newborns and her patients and playfulness with babies and children.

She makes each session look effortless, which takes talent!

Our home is filled with the most beautiful pictures that I’m so proud to display. The pictures are timeless.

Brenda has created memories for my family that will always be loved and cherished forever. I’m blessed to have found a photographer with such an amazing gift. Brenda truly puts her whole heart into her work, and I’m forever grateful…

~ Kimbra and Neil Mavis


Your Baby Will Be Here Before You Know It

Memories of always great to have, of course, but even memories can fade in time, and they’re hard to share with other people.

Unless you decide TODAY to forever preserve these treasured times with professional newborn and baby photographs before time marches on with you caught firmly in its grasp.

This isn’t a decision you can put off any longer because the window of opportunity to get this done is SMALL.

Your baby will be here before you know it, and will only be a “newborn” for a very short time.

If you’re still expecting, that’s fantastic because there’s no better time to plan newborn photographs.

In fact, the best time to think about getting your baby’s first photo session on the schedule is actually around 2–4 months before your expected due date.  My preference is to have the baby in the studio 7-14 days old so they are able to  do all the curled up poses for me.

If you delay this until after your baby is born, you’ll have a lot on your mind, and selecting a professional newborn photographer after the fact might not be the first thing on your to-do list.

Once your little one makes his big entrance, simply let us know the awesome news, and we’ll coordinate with you to choose the perfect day for the photo session.

It goes without saying, your new baby is beyond priceless, so you won’t trust just about anyone to capture those critical first photos, right?

You want a photographer with experience, who knows exactly what to do, which is exactly what you’ll get with me because I’ve accumulated more than 18 years of experience in this field.

I promise you, your tiny babe will be gently posed, with care and love, creating precious images of your new bundle.

Newborn photography by Brenda Horan
“So many amazing things I can say about Brenda Horan Photography. She’s been taking photos of my kids for a few years now and I’m amazed every time I get the proofs! Her creativity, talent and patience go above and beyond! Her backgrounds and vintage props are one of a kind. I’m so thankful to have found a photographer who can truly capture such special moments!” ~ Jennifer Wright

What Should You Do Next?

If you like what you’ve read here, you know how important and time-sensitive this is—your baby will arrive before you know it, and the sooner we can add you to the calendar the better.



Because I have LIMITED spaces in my schedule
it’s IMPORTANT to make sure I’m available to capture your new bundle of joy.

Call me TODAY at (918) 704-4399 for a friendly chat

We can make sure we have an available opening for you.

I’m so excited for you, and look forward to talking with you 🙂


What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session

What makes Brenda Horan the right choice as your Tulsa family photographer?  Her attention to detail, the way she poses the entire family, and helping her clients in making wardrobe selections so you know what to wear to your family photo session.

So you’ve decided it’s time for a family photo. Spring and Fall are great seasons to have family photos taken. The weather is usually beautiful and the temperatures are great for being outside. After you book your session, the next step is figuring out what everyone will wear. This is often the most stressful part. Styling for photos can be a bit overwhelming. I wanted to take some of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Deciding where you will display the portrait of your family will help with the wardrobe color scheme as well as choosing the location for the photo shoot. You don’t have to match your family’s wardrobe with your sofa but you don’t want them to fight with each other either. After deciding where your family portrait will be displayed and discussing the location of the photo shoot, you will have some insight as to the color options for your family’s wardrobe. You don’t want to blend with your surroundings but you want them to compliment each other.

Neutrals, like cream and gray, are always great choices because they are so versatile. If you choose to go with a neutral palette, you will want to use varying shades of gray, beige, and cream. Too much of the same shade can cause the photo to look like a big blob. Layering of different shades of the same color palette is a great way to add interest to a family photo. Also think about using different textures for visual interest.

Different hues of denim can also be a great choice in family photos. Steer clear of really pale shades of denim as darker hues are more timeless.

Timeless colors and textures


Let’s talk about patterns. Not everyone in the photo should be wearing a pattern. You don’t want too much busyness fighting for attention. A great rule of thumb for patterns is to choose a coordinating plaid and or a complimentary floral for a little girl. Pull solid colors from the plaid shirt to choose the wardrobe colors for the other members of the family. Remember, layering with scarves, vests, and hats can add lots of interest to the overall feel of the photo. Sticking to a color palette of three base colors is usually a safe bet for a combination that is pleasing to the eye.

Add just a little bit of pattern for visual interest.

If you need to shop for your family’s wardrobe, many stores like Gap and Old Navy will have coordinating clothing for each member of the family. Don’t forget to shop your own closet for accessories.

Pay attention to shoes as well. It’s best to stick with a neutral brown, black, or gray. You don’t want your feet to steal attention from your beautiful faces.

When you have gathered everyone’s wardrobe together, it is helpful to lay the outfits out on the floor or bed to get a visual feel. This will enable you to see how it will all flow together. It’s really helpful for me to see what you will be wearing as well.  So I’ll request that you send me a picture.

Don’t forget about comfort. It’s really important that you all feel comfortable and natural during your family’s photo shoot. If your little one is wearing scratchy, uncomfortable clothing, we will be hard pressed to get a smile out of them. That goes for the big people too. Uncomfortable clothes will show on your faces.

At the end of the day, you want your family photos to portray the distinct personality of your family. Allow for your individual personalities and style to shine through when choosing your wardrobe. Just stick to the same color palette and you will succeed in capturing the essence of your family at that moment in time.

A pop of color is always nice on a little girl.

We can also discuss even more stylized options to capture your family’s distinct personality at the time you schedule your photo shoot.

Family photos don’t have to be a dreaded event. I want it to be an hour of you being together as a family, having fun, and enjoying each other.

I look forward to working with you to capture your family’s photos.

Dates are filling up for Spring, so call soon to reserve your appointment.

The Ultimate Newborn Baby Photo Session

2017 is approaching quickly, I will be taking some time off for the Holidays to refresh my mind and body so I can hit the ground running when I reopen for business in January – giving my customers the Ultimate Newborn Baby Photo Session.  I always like to come up with new and creative ideas.  Always on the hunt  for new props that will delight my littlest customers and make their images special.  

So today, I blog a few of my favorite images of newborn babies from sessions shot in the last year. These images have really melted my heart.

I hope you will let all your expecting friends know about Brenda Horan Photography.  Sessions are typically done between 7-14 days old.  Booking during your pregnancy is wise, as most of the best, experienced photographers have their schedules planned out well in advance.   I also offer gift certificates – so if you are going to a baby shower – give them a gift they will think is PRICELESS!!!

Let’s start off with my favorite pose for newborn babies – where the baby face is  just so pretty and the hands and toes are also displayed so nicely.  All these outfits are in my prop closet for clients to choose from.  Hats, headbands, and teddy bears are all added to compliment, not overpower, the baby.Brenda Horan Newborn

Next up – one of my favorite new props –  the tiny newborn baby chair – I even have one for twins coming soon!  This cozy little chair makes posing baby so easy to display their little features so perfectly.Brenda Horan Newborn

The baby in a bucket pose will continue to be one of my favorite – here using vintage linens and tiny delicate headbands, really make this image special.

Newborn Photographer Brenda Horan

Another way to capture babies is by including these precious baby bears!  I just think it’s the sweetest!

Sports fanatic? – I’ve got that covered as well, using simple props to compliment the image and not overpower it.

Then there’s the perfection of a knitted bonnet, outfit or wrap make images of  newborn babies soft and sweet.  I have a variety of items to choose from.

The number one asked for pose – done with the utmost care and composited by two photos put together so your baby is never at risk.

So if you are expecting, or know someone who is, I hope you will share the link to this blog on your FB wall and tag them.  

Here is a link for more Newborn Baby Session Information:  

All the hats,   headbands, outfits and props you see here and on my website and FB wall  are all part of my collection of items you can choose from, including over 100 backdrops and floor drops.  

After being in business for 17 years, I can honestly say, I love my “job” and look forward to what 2017 has in store for me and my little customers.

All the best to you and your family,




Tulsa Professional Photographer – Brenda Horan loves Baseball

As a professional photographer in Tulsa, I love to do special photo sessions for my clients that are a little older than their baby brother or sisters.  And since I love Baseball, I knew it would be fun to get some Bixby boys (whom I have done family photos for in the past) to do a themed setup.

Baseball – it’s All American and these five kids sure know how to play!  I had a lot of fun and I love their “game face”.

Tulsa Family Photographer Brenda Horan
Bixby Boys of Baseball

Team sport photography isn’t really something I do much of, but I actually love it.  So if your kid is part of a team and you want fun, creative photos, have their coach give me a call.  I do special pricing for teams to make it affordable.

On another note, it’s almost fall – that means FAMILY PHOTO SESSIONS are right around the corner.  It’s my busiest time of year and this year will be no different.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Stylized Family Sessions

If you are looking for a Professional Family Photographer, please contact me.


Family sessions are perfect for October and November, when you can dress in layers and textures and not be sweating.  I have an arsenal of props to bring that will stylize your session.  And when it comes to what to wear, I have a What 2 Wear guide that will help you pull it all together, plus I can come over and help you!  Nothing is worse than a family that shows up in clothing that isn’t coordinated (not matching!), so I love to help my clients bring their style into their family portraits.

I am booking up for October and November, so if you need a weekend date, it is very important that you contact me NOW, in order to get on my schedule for the Fall.





Regroup, rethink and recharge with Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any blogs but I’m going to catch you up on the past 6 months right now.  January was my month to regroup, rethink and recharge myself.  I took a little vacation to Seaside, Florida which really helped me clear the air on what I wanted 2016 to look like.   Most people don’t even realize this, but I quietly divorced my husband in March and am ready to move on.  Living in personal turmoil is not something I have interest in doing, so I decided to move on with as much dignity as possible.  The critics  are always eager to pounce, but I have found solace in the most unexpected places and people. It has actually given me a new perspective on friendship – what it means to be one and what it means to have one.  There were many days in March and April that I had to rely on the Lord for strength and patience.  I don’t like to show weakness, but I was weak and He answered me in the most beautiful ways.

So 2016 has started off with a lot of change but I’m not afraid of change.  I have friends that I have known since grade school that are solid friends, but I also have friends from Texas, Maryland and Florida (all places that I have lived) that I continue to correspond with, pray for and keep up thru social media.  I’ve lived in 4 different states over the course of my life, built homes, sold homes, re-established my photography business three times since 1999.     I’ve had home studio’s, a converted barn studio, a 4000 sq. foot custom studio, and back to a great home studio that I adore.  My current home is on the market and I have found the cutest little cottage that I hope to buy which will make a great home for me and be able to continue to offer great photography services to my customers.

This year both of my children  graduated in May – one from Oklahoma State University, the other from Metro Christian Academy.  Both of my kids have grown into people I admire, they have a strong love for the Lord and they respect  others.  I feel I have done my job when it comes to parenting and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

BHBella graduating from Metro Christian Academy


Travis graduating from OSU

Right now, I’m in Vail, Colorado, looking out the window at this incredibly beautiful town while my daughter recovers from another hip operation.  The love friends and family have shown us during this time has made both of us cry.  It’s overwhelming really,  it just reminds me that WE ARE ALL the body of Christ and this is normal in the Kingdom so it’s as close to being on Earth as it is in Heaven that I may see in this lifetime.  Thus the overwhelming feelings I get when there are texts offering prayers,  hope and love on my phone or FB inbox.  It means everything to me.

So, what do I have planned for the rest of 2016?  Since it’s almost half over I want to make the very most of it.   My plans are to continue with my photography business, because that is my gift and I love doing it.   I also want to mentor young women who need encouragement.  My life has been full of blessings, but also has had a lot of rough patches in it.  I want to use those rough patches to encourage others that even tho someone might beat us down, that we can stand up and be who God created us to be and not believe the lies the enemy is trying to convince us is truth.  I’ve not shared much of my past with most of you, but I feel the urge to say this… in 1993 I was at the lowest point of my life.  I had a brand new baby boy, but a husband that was abusive in the worst ways to me.  He had convinced me that I was fat (at 98 pounds), ugly, worthless and never going to get anything better than the life I had with him.  It was a horrible time, yet it was a beautiful time because I was a mother to the most happy little boy who never cried and was always giggling.  It was my baby boy who gave me the strength to find a better life for the both of us, to break the cycle that this abusive situation was normal, and once I divorced my first husband I had a very hard road ahead in becoming who I wanted to be.  One friend dragged me to Al Anon meetings 4 times a week for an entire year – that changed my perspective to what an addict can do to their loved ones and gave me the courage to be victorious and not have a victim mentality.   Another friend convinced me to go to Arizona and attend a one week, in depth survivors workshop, which opened my eyes to what I could become if I let the Lord into my life on a deeper level than just attending church once a week, that week allowed me to forgive and not let the past control my future.  Another friend supported me financially so that my son and I could live in a safe place where  husband #1 wouldn’t be able to harm us.   Eventually, life became more “normal” and life got good.  Seeking the Lord with everything you have every day is a must in my life.  Without Him, I would be nothing.

I say all this to encourage someone, somewhere to find a quiet place, turn on some worship music and just listen.  Let the lyrics wash over you, and let the Lord minister to your heart.

Life is short – live it to the fullest.

Family Photographer captures sweet times.

When I set out to become a family photographer, I knew I wanted to capture the family unit by capturing the sweet times when kids are little and they still want to hug  your neck.   Planning a family session outdoors involves a lot of things, like hauling out props and furniture.  But during the winter, I like to keep it clean and simple.  This session I shot last week is just that – clean and simple in a modern way.

Here’s a great example:  Mom, dad and their two year old.  Mom is Mrs. Broken Arrow  (click on that link to read all about her and her amazing platform) and I can vouch that this woman is not only gorgeous, but beautiful on the inside as well.  Her southern accent is just so adorable,  I could listen to her for hours.   Dad is a chess pro and I always tease him that he’s an Muhammad Ali lookalike.  (Right?)   And of course, their son, whom I’ve been taking his photos since he was born.  He has such a big personality, I just love him to pieces.


Simple white and jeans…. might seem a bit 1990’s outdoors, but indoors it looks fresh and modern – bringing the emphasis on the faces.


Capturing them close together shows the tight connection of this little family of 3.


Being a momma’s boy never looked so cute.

Sharing a smooch with mommy…..

then giggling about it…..


then the delight of getting a smooch from your pretty momma….. what a sweet capture.


Riding high on daddy’s shoulders is fun!  What little boy doesn’t love this?

When choosing a family photographer, look for one who’s portfolio  you love, who will be consistent in capturing images you will enjoy for a lifetime.  I have been in business since 1999 and I strive to give you memories that will always bring a smile to your face.

Please contact me so we can plan your next session.




Valentines that will melt your heart.

Valentines that will melt your heart.  When I plan limited edition Valentine sessions – I know these are going to be fun, colorful images.

They always are.  Maybe it’s the fun, original backdrops from LemondropShop.    Or the  adorable props I borrow from my friend Stephanie, owner of The Party Darling.

From the littlest babies to the  tweenagers I’ve got you covered.   I carefully select card templates that stick with my style and branding, privileging you with super cute Valentine cards they exchange with their classmates and will surely gain all these parents a few envy texts!

Here are some of my favorites from this year.


lots of love xoxoxox
lots of love xoxoxox

When you are searching for a photographer, please consider my 17 years of experience.  I would love to be your Tulsa Photographer!  Call me 918.704.4399 or email me at officebhp@gmail.com – I typically answer emails and phone calls same day.  Visit my website Brenda Horan Photography or find me on FB

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan to keep up with all the latest happenings at my studio.


And as always, I want to appeal to all expecting momma’s and daddy’s – my specialty is newborns.  With attention to every detail, you can assure your newborn is in good hands, you will receive beautiful images to choose from and I will help you each step of the way preparing for a successful session.  Visit my Newborn Session Information Page to find out why choosing Brenda Horan is the right choice.   Nothing is more magical than welcoming a new baby into your family.  This is the best time to invest in photos of your child because they are only tiny for a short time.

It is a true privilege for me to preserve these fleeting moments for you.  I recommend you book your session before your baby arrives.

~ Brenda





Merry Christmas from Santa’s Workshop

Walking into Santa’s Workshop and hearing Santa greet you with a “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas”  is just what you get when you come to Brenda Horan Photography.  To children’s delight, the studio is transformed into a rustic workshop where Santa can interact with your child during one of our yearly, Limited Edition photo sessions.

Nothing makes it more personal than having grandma or grandpa join them in this amazing experience.

Grandma tells her tale of the night she visited Santa's workshop when she was a little girl.
Grandma tells her tale of the night she visited Santa’s workshop when she was a little girl.

This year, one of my favorite little clients came in for his  first Workshop experience.  He couldn’t have  been more perfect either.  His expressions were just on  point.

The Workbench was given a new facelift this year, and includes vintage tools that took me several trips to antique shops to find.

Building a toy on Santa's creaky old work bench.
Building a toy on Santa’s creaky old work bench.

It’s always fun to sing a little song with Santa on magical musical instruments.

Jingle Bells Batman Smells
Jingle Bells Batman Smells

Playing a game with Santa can be fun.  Older kids love to play Candy Land.  But most boys love to play with toy trains.

Trains are always popular with little boys
Trains are always popular with little boys

When your name is on the “nice” list, you get asked “What would you like for Christmas this year?”   If you don’t have your list ready, you get to type it out on a vintage type writer!

Typing his Wish List to Santa
Typing his Wish List to Santa

In order for Santa to deliver toys to all the girls and boys around the world in a single night, he needs to use Christmas Magic!

Christmas Magic stops time
Christmas Magic stops time

When your tummy gets rumbly – out come freshly baked cookies and milk.  First we give thanks…

Praying to give Thanks.
Praying to give Thanks.

Then Santa pours a glass of milk…

carefully pouring the milk
carefully pouring the milk

Then we eat the cookies!


All the props in this set have been carefully selected to create what I consider to be an authentic, vintage workshop feel.  Everything is worn with time and love.  Creating a set that is sure to make you want to read this Christmas tale again and again, year after year.

At Brenda Horan Photography, Santa visits the studio in October, so if you are interested, it’s never to late to book your appointment as I only shoot 5-7 of these limited edition sessions per year.

From my family to yours, I wish you the most blessed Merry Christmas ever.