Brenda’s Engaged! Photo session with Houston Photographer Christina Diliberto-Sizemore

It’s true, I’m rarely on the other side of the camera.  I do try to get family photos in every year – much to my kids (16 & 21)  dismay, but this year, I’m  getting in front of the camera few extra times.  

I recently got engaged to a truly wonderful guy named Kip Gurley.  Even though I would schedule engagment photos on my calender for Vanessa to shoot, something kept coming up.  So when we planned a quick 4 day trip to Houston, I contacted Christina Diliberto-Sizemore and she made time in her schedule to shoot our engagment photos for me.   Thankfully we caught a slight break in the hot, humid Houston weather and my hair didn’t go completely wack.


I hired Christina  as my assistant about 7 years ago – she was so much fun to work with.  Not only is she a great friend, but a talented artist in several medias.  When she and her busband,  Bill moved to Houston, I was extremely hesitant   to hire a new assistant.  As most of you know, Vanessa and I work seemlessly together, so it all worked out. 🙂

Back to the engagment pics – and my dilemma – outdoors, urban,  field, fancy, casual…. OMG now I know what my clients go thru.  What to Wear was easy –  I loved this shirt on Kip so I had to find something to coordinate with it  and of course, Antropologie website had several options.  IMG_1721e

My sister even created special jewelry for me from her  Rock Luxe Jewel line

Here are all the images we loved!  I hope you will all say a prayer for our upcoming wedding – we can’t wait.


You don’t know this by looking at the photo – but I was laying on top of a black berry branch and thorns were in my thighs!

IMG_1729e IMG_1733e

IMG_1736e IMG_1751e IMG_1759e

Yes, he’s a giant – I’m o nly 5’1″ – Kip is 6’3″ – he always offers to give me a piggy back ride when we go hiking and that last 1/4 mile is just exhausting to me.IMG_1762e IMG_1774e IMG_1791e IMG_1797e2 IMG_1801e IMG_1811e IMG_1816e IMG_1822e IMG_1826e IMG_1830e IMG_1836e IMG_1839e IMG_1845e IMG_1849e


So, these are all on the romantic side of things – which is just what I wanted.  I’m so happy  that I got to spend  an hour on the other side of the camera, with my man, across from my dear friend  Christine.  If you live in the greater Houston, Spring or Woodland area, please contact her to take your photos.  Here is her contact info:

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