Baby Portraits: The Baby Cakes Program

Brenda Horan Photography offers a special program to all of our clients with newborns, called the Baby Cakes Program. The Baby Cakes Program includes four sessions during the baby’s first year plus a bonus mini, indoor family session. The sitting fee is $325 and covers the sitting fee for each of those five sessions.

Precious, Cate Kirby

The first being the newborn session. The newborn session usually lasts about two hours. We have our clients arrive with their baby ready to eat. This is to ensure the baby will be good and asleep for the session. Everything you see on Brenda’s website and blog, we have here in the studio. From the adorable knit hats to the cute props. There is no need for our clients to bring anything extra with them. We enjoy taking care of the details.

sweet, Levi Johnson



The next appointment is at four months. We like the baby to be able to hold their head up well while laying on their tummy and for them to be able to hold onto their feet while laying on their back.  This session lasts up to one hour and is best scheduled right after their nap time. And as you can see, the babies change so much from their newborn session to this one.

Cate Kirby at 4 months

“The final outcome speaks for itself. The photos of our family and my girls when they are little are priceless.”–Shannon Kirby

Levi Johnson at 4 months



We schedule the next session around 8 months. Clients bring three to five outfits. We want the baby to be sitting up well on their own.  This is a great session to really capture the personality of your baby, while they are still little.

Levi Johnson at 8 months
Cate Kirby at 8 months

“Brenda is amazing at keeping my girls happy and making them smile during their photo shoots.”–Shannon Kirby 


Then we have the one year session. Typically, our clients will want to incorporate  smash cake photos. Which always turn out so cute! We recommend they introduce their baby to cake prior to the session so they aren’t making a disgusted look when taking that first bite. We love to get creative with this session and enjoy celebrating each baby’s one year.


Cate Kirby at 1 year

“Brenda is so nice and easy to work with. She has become a friend in addition to our family photographer.”– Shannon Kirby


Levi Johnson at 1 year