Bella gets Baptized at – Celebrate!

Oh how

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I’ve waited so many years for my 16 year old daughter, Isabella, to make the decision for herself, to make the public  display of accepting Christ and be water baptized.     Today was the day!


I knew

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the minute Bella walked up to paster Tome and locked eyes on me (behind the lens) that the emotion of this life  changing event would hit her…. and it did…IMG_4561

The minute her eyebrows knitted together, I was crying along with her…



I am so happy that I volunteer to take baptism photos at LifeChurch

because I was able to capture this raw emotion in my own daughter…. while tears streamed down my face.  BEST. FEELING. EVER!


IMG_4572 IMG_4576 IMG_4578 IMG_4581 IMG_4584

Today we celebrate the amazing love Christ has for all of us.  He gave his life freely for us so that we may be free ourselves.  I am so proud of Bella, and thankful for the over 30 people who came to church today to celebrate this with us.  For her Leadership Teacher, Mr. Davis who brought the entire Metro Leadership Team to be there to support Bella, and for our many friends and family who joined us.

God is VERY good.

<3 Brenda




3 thoughts on “Bella gets Baptized at – Celebrate!

  1. Oh, Brenda! This brought me to tears!!! What an amazing experience for Bella as well as your entire family! Love the pics too, of course!! xoxo

  2. Brenda, I just found your site from looking at studio organization on Pinterest. Your capture of your daughter’s baptism so totally blessed my heart!!! I know the feeling! I got to witness and video my 14 year old grandson be baptized at my church when he and his brother came to visit me this summer. Such emotions!!! All I can say to him and to your daughter is “Welcome to the family of God!” Blessings!

    1. Oh thank you – I am just today seeing this comment. What a blessing that day was – I waited patiently for her to make the decision on her own. 🙂

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