Boudoir Portraits:Experiencing Boudoir

Boudoir is the latest way to tell that special someone in your life that

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you love them. In doing so, you get to experience what we think every girl should… the feeling of being pampered and sexy for the day.  



Our goal is to help all women see the beauty God sees- the beauty that is already there!  With creative lighting, simple posing (that we demonstrate for you) and beautiful, classy lingerie, this will not only be a fun experience that you will tell all of your friends about, but it will also be empowering for you!

PLUS, we will ask you for your permission to post ANY images we just LOVE on our website…you are in control, which is how it should be for these types of images. We care- It shows!
Our boudoir studio is a private studio that holds three bedroom set-ups at once. We are an all female staff and we take every precaution in making you feel not only beautiful but protected by destroying your images after your order is placed.  
Boudoir appointments are $250 and include a professional MAC makeup artist and hair professional.  Each session is one hour long and includes two outfits and There is more information on the website.
Brenda’s vision for why she believes in boudoir photography:
A little something about my purpose for shooting Boudoir comes from personal expierence – I want women to feel beautiful – to shut that little voice that’s inside their head that tells them negative things about themselves, those pesky untruths.  I used to be that kind of woman – and in truth, most of us can relate to that – so I strive to create an experience that will make you feel incredible for the day – and again and again after you flip thru your album after the session.  
We have had such POSITIVE feedback from every single woman that has come in to the studio – it’s rewarding to me when I know I’ve done a good job.  It’s also important to me that you feel safe and secure, after all, you are wearing some very delicate things, and most of us feel vulnerable…. well, this is an all female staff, all of us are dedicated to YOU – and we know that you will not only love your images, but you will want to show all your friends!!! 
I hope to meet you soon.
Read and listen to two client interviews and an interview with Brenda Here.
Hey Brenda,  you did boudoir pictures for me back in March. First off, I just wanted to say thank you again, and let you know that he loved the pictures as a wedding gift. The first thing he told me about seeing them the morning of our wedding is that he sat there and cried like a baby because it was the most beautiful gift anyone has given him! ( just thought you would like to hear that!)
– KA
I just wanted you to know how beautiful the album turned out!  It’s gorgeous!  I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect words to tell you how amazing this experience was for me but I don’t know if I can find the perfect words.  I have gone through a lot this past year with my health and have been grieving what my body was physically and will never be again.  Unfortunately, muscular distrophy is a progressive disease that will continue to disfigure my body.  So these pictures have a far deeper meaning than just having a “boudoir session.”  This time in my life was captured in a photo lens so I can remember how beautiful I felt that day!!Thank you for making this possible for me.  I look at how my body is positioned in each picture and know that it wouldn’t have been possible without your help along with the amazing women you have working along your side.  Thank you for making me feel so beautiful that day.  I will never forget the wonderful experience.
– TT

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  1. Wanting a boudoir session for the spring. This will be a wedding present for my future husband. (Tentative wedding in Summer 2016).

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