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A few months ago I decided to close down my big 4000 sq. foot studio and simplify my life.  Turning 50 does that to you.  When my husband and I found this house, we knew it would be a perfect studio atmosphere, I mean, we back up to a little lake and the River and have a to die for view!!!  The preserve right behind my house is a private area for residents with a 1/2 mile jogging trail – so many perfect photo opportunities right outside my door! Yeah for me! river

So, I knew that I wanted most of the upstairs of this home to be dedicated studio space – the game room has wood floors and is spacious enough for our main shooting space, with a great big window that let’s in beautiful light.

IMG_7380 IMG_7387My husband attached 6″ velcro strips to the walls at the 8 foot mark to hang our double and triple wide drops so we can create sets (like our Santa set).  He also built me this platform and the backdrop roller system (directions to build your own on my etsy site:

This entire system really works fantastic for me -it’s easy to install backdrops and quick to change out our little sets when we are photographing babies or children.  Plus having it elevated means I can sit, not kneel.  Having it on wheels makes it easy to move about the studio.



We love our Organic Bloom frame of color!  Everyone loves the quality and colors of the original maker of the curvy frames.


IMG_7395When we moved out of the retail space, I took my sign down and my husband was nice enough to  take it apart so that I could hang the facade on my walls with out the bulky electrical box.  Repurposed dresser works great as a changing station and a stash for our knitted hats and wraps.

The next images are our props and wardrobe – when we moved out of the big space into a smaller space, we sold off about 1/2 of the stuff we had… keeping our very favorite items.


The attic (not shown) is right outside this door to the right – it holds our props that don’t have to be climate controlled, such as chairs, crates, and suitcases.

This walk in closet holds things we use a lot and our wardrobe.



We love having a selection of cute dresses and bloomers for girls – Matilda Jane if one of our favorites.


We also like having a nice little selection of things for boys .


We have so many pretty things for girls – that it’s hard for clients to choose.


These flet hats are crafted by Aprils Yarnables – super cute and well made!




We have a bedroom that is our boudoir space – it’s got repurposed,repainted furniture and a vintage vibe.  Just like our last studio, we can mix and match our furniture, backdrops and bedding to create a one of a kind space.  Right now it’s plain vanilla, but we have so many options, I could do a blog on just that alone.

Maybe I will.


Now on to my office and where I give image presentations to clients.   We repurposed and painted my husbands grandparents king size headboard, added glass knobs and viola – a perfect spot to hang my vintage cameras!


Three of my prized possessions – my Florabella Canvas print, my English Crib and my dog, Marty.  He’s chillin like always.


Our Organic Bloom frames are on display – two of my favorite shapes, Ricky and Ellie.



And this dresser (also my husband’s grandparents) is used to hold albums, mini accordians, cards, and all sorts of paper goods.


So moving into a home based studio might make people a little hesitant, but we still offer great service, great images and 48 hour turn around with our images.  We want to be your photographer – if you live in the Tulsa area, please contact me for your newborn, baby, children, high school senior, family or boudoir portraits.





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