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What to Wear to Your Family Photo Session

What makes Brenda Horan the right choice as your Tulsa family photographer?  Her attention to detail, the way she poses the entire family, and helping her clients in making wardrobe selections.

So you’ve decided it’s time for a family photo. Spring and Fall are great seasons to have family photos taken. The weather is usually beautiful and the temperatures are great for being outside. After you book your session, the next step is figuring out what everyone will wear. This is often the most stressful part. Styling for photos can be a bit overwhelming. I wanted to take some of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Deciding where you will display the portrait of your family will help with the wardrobe color scheme as well as choosing the location for the photo shoot. You don’t have to match your family’s wardrobe with your sofa but you don’t want them to fight with each other either. After deciding where your family portrait will be displayed and discussing the location of the photo shoot, you will have some insight as to the color options for your family’s wardrobe. You don’t want to blend with your surroundings but you want them to compliment each other.

Neutrals, like cream and gray, are always great choices because they are so versatile. If you choose to go with a neutral palette, you will want to use varying shades of gray, beige, and cream. Too much of the same shade can cause the photo to look like a big blob. Layering of different shades of the same color palette is a great way to add interest to a family photo. Also think about using different textures for visual interest.

Different hues of denim can also be a great choice in family photos. Steer clear of really pale shades of denim as darker hues are more timeless.

Tulsa family photographer
Timeless colors and textures

Let’s talk about patterns. Not everyone in the photo should be wearing a pattern. You don’t want too much busyness fighting for attention. A great rule of thumb for patterns is to choose a coordinating plaid and or a complimentary floral for a little girl. Pull solid colors from the plaid shirt to choose the wardrobe colors for the other members of the family. Remember, layering with scarves, vests, and hats can add lots of interest to the overall feel of the photo. Sticking to a color palette of three base colors is usually a safe bet for a combination that is pleasing to the eye.

Tulsa family photographer example 2
Add just a little bit of pattern for visual interest.

If you need to shop for your family’s wardrobe, many stores like Gap and Old Navy will have coordinating clothing for each member of the family. Don’t forget to shop your own closet for accessories.

Pay attention to shoes as well. It’s best to stick with a neutral brown, black, or gray. You don’t want your feet to steal attention from your beautiful faces.

When you have gathered everyone’s wardrobe together, it is helpful to lay the outfits out on the floor or bed to get a visual feel. This will enable you to see how it will all flow together. It’s really helpful for me to see what you will be wearing as well.  So I’ll request that you send me a picture.

Don’t forget about comfort. It’s really important that you all feel comfortable and natural during your family’s photo shoot. If your little one is wearing scratchy, uncomfortable clothing, we will be hard pressed to get a smile out of them. That goes for the big people too. Uncomfortable clothes will show on your faces.

At the end of the day, you want your family photos to portray the distinct personality of your family. Allow for your individual personalities and style to shine through when choosing your wardrobe. Just stick to the same color palette and you will succeed in capturing the essence of your family at that moment in time.

Tulsa family photographer example 2
A pop of color is always nice on a little girl.

We can also discuss even more stylized options to capture your family’s distinct personality at the time you schedule your photo shoot.

Family photos don’t have to be a dreaded event. I want it to be an hour of you being together as a family, having fun, and enjoying each other.

I look forward to working with you to capture your family’s photos.

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