Father’s Day: Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan captures the bond between child and father

Fathers.  There’s just so much we can say about having a good father in your life.  My own personal dad  is the father of five.  He was strict, faith filled and made sure we always went to church every sunday, helped with our homework, fixed our bikes and made sure we had food on the table.  He also instilled in me that I could be anything I wanted to be (as long as math wasn’t involved!).

I know it’s almost Mother’s Day, but I wanted to blog about Fathers because I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT that we capture LIFE with our kids – these photos become our memories… they become some of the most VALUABLE things we own.

Last week I was honored when I got a phone call from a client I haven’t seen in over 3 1/2 years.  He wanted photos taken of him with his 4 year old son.  Not only did I talk him thru what to wear, but texted him outfit ideas as he was at the mall preparing.

Brenda-Horan-Photography-Fathers-DayThese photos are certainly going to be cherished by this father as his son gets older, doesn’t need to be tucked in at night and goes off to college.  They are going to be the delight of his son’s girlfriends as he shows them how adorable he was when he was four years old.

But most importantly, they are PRICELESS.  They represent what we do here at Brenda Horan Photography.  We create memories.  The tag line for Brenda Horan Photography is “Where Life Meets The Lens”.  A lot of thought was given to that, I wanted it to represent what I’d like to accomplish thru the art of photography.

Life throws us curves – don’t delay in booking your photo session.  Please contact me directly at 918-704-4399.  I would love to serve you.