Fireflies, Sailboats & Swing Photo Session

When a client comes to me with a lot of fun ideas for a photo session, I get excited…  especially when her handy husband wants to build everything!  We wanted fireflies, sailboats, swings and a flirty tent.  It was time to get busy.

I have been photographing their daughter since she was a baby, so this little girl knows when she see’s Miss Brenda, she is going to have a fun time (and get a lollipop at the end for good behavior).

I’m just going to blog about a few of my favorite images from this session…

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Catching Fireflies

Catching Fireflies is one image I love because  you can see her chubby cheeks and I love her posture here…. nothing posed, just simple and sweet.  The dress and headband enantato de testosterona a la venta are just perfect!

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Swinging Big Girl Style

Here is the swing her daddy built and gave to me to use  for other clients.  I’m super excited to have this now because the swing  that  was previously in my neighborhood was ruined  so now we have one we can take home after every use.   I love the filtered light in this image, creating a softness that I know her mom loves.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Frilly Tent

So my husband built me this tent, that we use for boys and girls (just have to change the cover).  Kids love it because it’s a little pint size fort for them to play in.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan
Splish Splash

Here is the Huckleberry Finn raft her dad built – she had so much fun here that I have to show more than one of these images…

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan

This image just makes me smile – it’s so sweet and innocent, the simplicity of what she is doing naturally just caught my eye.

Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan

I’ll end with my very favorite image – where the sunlight is hitting her just so beautifully.  Paisley is showing me her pretty dress and everything is A-OK until her mom spots a snake in the water just beyond her…  EEEK

I give her momma kudos – she calmly told Paisley to get out of the water and come to shore, which she did, and we watched the snake swim on by…  Of course I was wearing rubber boots up to my knees, so I could have saved the day, but thankfully this little girl behaves so I didn’t have to!