Child Photographer builds Fishing Camp on the Arkansas River

Nothing says summer is coming quite like an outdoor themed session.  If you have been waiting for a boys mini session – this is for you!   Child Photographer, Brenda Horan, builds a Boys fishing camp on the Arkansas River… it’s a limited time offered.  If you are in Tulsa, OK and looking for a photographer, you have come to the right place.


Now that the weather is nice, let’s take advantage of it.  Kids love playing outside.  While I love studio sessions, there is just something so special about getting to capture little personalities outdoors.  Creating a magical scene for them to play in is what makes this special.  It takes a creative eye, a lot of shopping and attention to details.  I still want the focus to be on the child, but I also want to create a scene that is interesting, has texture and will bring out the energy and wonder in your child.  They won’t be standing there saying “cheese” they will be playing and exploring, while I capture those sweet, tender moments.

“Look Mom, a  worm”

I think my favorite image is the one where he’s playing with the bug on his fingers!  That happened at the very end of the session and I think he named the bug before he let it go.

Getting the scene ready for this little boys fishing camp session was a lot of fun….  shopping for  props with an Americana color scheme,  my husband built this crate bench and I sewed the tent cover.  So much time

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and energy goes into a themed session but it’s always worth it in the end.

Brenda Horan Photography will be offering limited mini sessions for this boys fishing camp.  Sessions will last 30 minutes, are suitable for boys ages 3-7, and cost $100.  Packages will start at $300.

Boys love worms, dirt and being outside….. let’s let them have fun while I capture their personalities at this fun stage in their life.

Boys Fishing Camp
Boys Fishing Camp

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  1. We’re not prejudice or anything, but we think you should hire the child!! You really did a wonderful job capturing the photo shot – we loved it

    Grandpa and Grandma Denning

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