Family Photographer captures sweet times.

When I set out to become a family photographer, I knew I wanted to capture the family unit by capturing the sweet times when kids are little and they still want to hug  your neck.   Planning a family session outdoors involves a lot of things, like hauling out props and furniture.  But during the winter, I like to keep it clean and simple.  This session I shot last week is just that – clean and simple in a modern way.

Here’s a great example:  Mom, dad and their two year old.  Mom is Mrs. Broken Arrow  (click on that link to read all about her and her amazing platform) and I can vouch that this woman is not only gorgeous, but beautiful on the inside as well.  Her southern accent is just so adorable,  I could listen to her for hours.   Dad is a chess pro and I always tease him that he’s an Muhammad Ali lookalike.  (Right?)   And of course, their son, whom I’ve been taking his photos since he was born.  He has such a big personality, I just love him to pieces.


Simple white and jeans…. might seem a bit 1990’s outdoors, but indoors it looks fresh and modern – bringing the emphasis on the faces.


Capturing them close together shows the tight connection of this little family of 3.


Being a momma’s boy never looked so cute.

Sharing a smooch with

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then giggling about it…..



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the delight of getting a smooch from your pretty momma….. what a sweet capture.


Riding high on daddy’s shoulders is fun!  What little boy doesn’t love this?

When choosing a family photographer, look for one who’s portfolio  you love, who will be consistent in capturing images you will enjoy for a lifetime.  I have been in business since 1999 and I strive to give you memories that will always bring a smile to your face.

Please contact me so we can plan your next session.