Making Family Wardrobe Choices Easy | Tulsa Family Photography

Family photos are a legacy for your family, but we definitely don’t want that photo to be dated in 10 years! My photography style always has tended towards clean, classic, and timeless. I tell my clients to keep in mind when they are choosing their family wardrobe. So I am happy to help make your family wardrobe choices easy.


Let Your Aesthetics Dictate the Palette:

First and foremost, where are you going to be hanging your family wall art? Look around the room and let your eye fall on the colors in that room. Most people are attracted to specific colors and feature them in their homes.  This is a great place to start! So, for example, if you like the color yellow, you may want to add in a pop of yellow color with a scarf, or headband for your child, or a sunny yellow cardigan. Pairing bold colors with neutrals like gray or beige or even denim is always a good choice.  

Now, let’s talk about trends. They are not altogether bad, and some trendy outfits are adorable, especially on kids. But always consider the outfit with an eye towards the future. When in doubt, go for timeless and add in trending accessories to personalize.

One of my favorite places to send clients to search for their family wardrobe is J Crew and Crewcuts.  You can find clothing for everyone in pallets that will work together.  They are fashion forward and classic in style, so your photo will look stylish and beautiful for years to come.


Season and Location:

Now let’s consider your session location. First, let’s talk about practicality! If we’re going to be in an area that could potentially be muddy, you will need the correct shoes. If we’re going to be at the lake or beach, how about flip-flops or bare feet?  Will it potentially be cold or breezy? How about cardigans or wraps or scarves? There are so many great accessories, and layers you can use so your family is not cold or miserable during the session.

Next, think about the color and tonality and how your family wardrobe should complement that area.  Think about the layers of color you might have such as in the fall, golds, greens, oranges, reds.  In the summers, greens, blues, whites, and pastels.  

Start with One Key Outfit:

Pick the outfit you love and build the others around it. Don’t think so much in terms of matchy-matchy, but more in terms of staying in the same color palette. An easy tip is to look at the colors in a pattern you are considering and seeing if you have a shirt or sweater in that color that compliments nicely.  I find that often if you do it this way you’ll be surprised at what you have available in your closets rather than having to go out and buy all new outfits! 

New outfits can sometimes cause kids to be anxious, so if you have some “tried and trues” and then buy a new sweater or shoes, that may be more exciting to them than stressful. And if your kids have favorite stuffed animals, blankets, or anything else that defines this point in their lives, bring it along!  Not only will it make them feel more secure, but it will also really personalize the photos and capture them as they are. As cliché as it is, they really do grow so fast, and sometimes their quirks are the best part of the photos.

I want to see your personalities SHINE in these photos! Yes, your outfits matter, and YES, you want to have beautiful photos to show your family and friends. But the best compliment you can get on your family photos is that everyone’s light and personality shines through the photograph.


Family Wardrobe|FreshFocusPhotography
Knowing this location has a bright yellow VW Van made it easy to suggest a more catusal and neutral color scheme for their family wardrobe.


Fall Family Wardrobe|FreshFocusPhotography
This Fall Session was in a perfect location with lots of subtle color in the background. Their wardrobe choices are what I consider perfect because of the rich hues and the neutral aspects.

If you have questions about what you should wear for your family photo session in the Tulsa area, I am always happy to help!  

Need a Hair/Makeup Artist?  I know several that will be happy to come to your home to get mom looking her best!