Newborn Photography: Brenda Horan’s Specialty

Brenda Horan Photography offers a special program to all of our clients with newborns, called the Baby Cakes Program.   $425 BabyCAKES – 4 sessions + a 30 minute parent/newborn session (studio)  FREE 8×8 album at the completion of the program. * minimum purchase of $250 at each session.  Call the studio to schedule your baby’s first photo session at 918-704-4399.  Typically we like to have newborns between 7-14 days old.


The studio has a huge selection of knitted hats and outfits for babies to make each session unique to your taste and color scheme.  We take joy in properly posing babies into these squishy adorable poses in a safe manner.


This adorable felt hat is by Aprils Yarnables – we have them in several colors for several age ranges too.  What a little man!Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Baby3 Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Baby4  Customizing a session to a clients interests,  hobbies and style is what we do best – how adorable is this baby – who fits so nicely in his daddy’s baseball glove…. one day he will catch with that same glove, making this image even more special.Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Baby5 Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Baby6I hope you will take a look at my website  to see more images, get information on pricing and products, and call to schedule your appointment.

About me:

Brenda Horan is the owner and lead photographer at the studio.

How it all got started: When my daughter Isabella was born, I fell in love with her baby portraits and decided to turn an interest into a full-time passion.  After studying at the Art Institute in Houston and working for a studio, I launched my own business in Annapolis, Maryland and created a niche market for photographing my favorite subject – little ones!  Nearly 14 years later and every portrait is unique and personal piece of art.

Each appointment is an opportunity to build relationships and lasting friendships with my wonderful clients. As a mother to two incredible kids, I depend on the Lord for everything!  A few years ago, the Lord spoke these words into me – “Giving God Glory through God Given Talent” – I thought He was giving me a “tag line” of sorts, but since then, He has shown me that this is more like my life motto – my life goal – to do all things with grace, kindness and love.  Through this, I will be showing others honor, and giving Him Glory in all that I do. I’m not perfect, I have my mishaps, but it is my life goal.  Looking through the lens of my camera, I am constantly reminded that I am capturing His children.

As a self proclaimed antique junkie, my studio guarantees each client a one-of-a-kind session.  My studio is filled with lots of fun stuff – colorful backgrounds, props, vintage clothing and princess dresses, knitted hats, cocoons, flower pins and headbands, tutu’s, ties, and all sorts of antiques. (Did I mention, I’m a antique junkie?).  Everything to make this experience into a story for you and your child.

Everything you encounter at Brenda Horan Photography is created with a purpose.  The music you hear as you open my site is like my personal theme song – Great is The Lord.  He gives me inspiration and ideas – even in the middle of the night!


2 thoughts on “Newborn Photography: Brenda Horan’s Specialty

  1. Greetings from Arizona. I came across your website tonight by looking for unique outfits for newborns. I am absolutely in love with the outfit at the top of this page…grey and red outfit with bow tie. I also love the pic in the middle with just the hat.

    Any chance you could tell me where you purchased the outfit? I am always looking for unique outfits and have never seen this before. I have one child and our next is coming in the next couple weeks. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but I am always looking for great ideas.

    Congrats on your beautiful work!


    Shawn Dechant

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