Newborn Portraits: NEW 2014 BabyCAKES program

Brenda Horan Photography offers a special program to all of our clients with newborns, called the BabyCAKES Program. The BabyCAKES Program is all new in 2014 – it includes four sessions during the baby’s first year at 1 week, 4, 8 and 12 months plus a bonus mini, indoor family session. The sitting fee is $425 and covers the sitting fee for each of those five sessions.  The minimum order is is $250 at each session.

At the completion of the program, you choose images from all 4 baby sessions to go into an 8×8 complimentary album…. the perfect Baby Book.  The album value is $440, so this is our best deal ever for the Baby CAKES program.



Choosing a newborn photographer is important, you want one with experience, that ensures your baby will be safe in each pose.  A lot of photos you see now a days are composite photos, which means 2-3 images are combined into one.  We always are right next to a baby during our sessions – and Brenda and Vanessa are both photographers, so as one spots the baby, the other is taking the images.


In the image above,  we had two spotters

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and one photographer….

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-07In the image above, we actually had our hands on the baby the entire time, once from the bum, the next from the head – then we clipped the two images together perfectly in photoshop.    Here’s an arial view.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-08The next thing you would like in a newborn photographer is that they have all their own stuff – their own props, blankets, and most of all IDEAS.  We have all that here at Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan’s studio – we have been collecting props for 15 years in business.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-05Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-10Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-03from delicate knitted hats to super sweet tiny headbands, we have it all.

Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-01Please visit our website to learn more.   All February babies receive a complimentary mini accordian book when their parents sign up for the BabyCAKES program.   Call 918-704-4399 to schedule your newborn session for 1-2 weeks old.  We look forward to serving you.