Newborn Portraits: Newborn Session

Brenda Horan Photography offers a special program to all of our clients with newborns, called the Baby Cakes Program. The Baby Cakes Program includes four sessions during the baby’s first year plus a bonus mini, indoor family session. The sitting fee is $325 and covers the sitting fee for each of those five sessions.



The first being the newborn session. The newborn session usually lasts about two hours. We have our clients arrive with their baby ready to eat. This is to ensure the baby will be good and asleep for the session. Everything you see on Brenda’s website and blog, we have here in the studio. From the adorable knit hats to the cute props. There is no need for our clients to bring anything extra with them. We enjoy taking care of the details.



As you can see, Brenda and her assistant Vanessa specialize in these type of portraits. The attention to getting the perfect pose, including the placement of hands, finger and toes is crucial. They make it look amazingly easy but I can attest to the fact that they work hard to accomplish such beautiful images. Both Brenda and Vanessa take the time to perfect every pose and the outcome shows.







Here at the studio, I help our clients place their portrait orders. Time and time again, I sit across from parents who are moved and touched by the beauty of what Brenda and Vanessa have captured. These type of photos are priceless. The newborn stage lasts for such a short time. If the images are not captured within the first few weeks of life, the window of opportunity is missed. So, if you are expecting, or know someone who is, keep in mind these type of images are best captured with the baby is between 7 and 10 days old.





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