Newborn to One at Brenda Horan Photography

This week, another one of my baby clients graduated from the BabyCAKES program – it’s bittersweet to celebrate their smash cake session because I’m just getting to know their little personality quirks.   Going from newborn baby to a walking one year old is captured and sealed in time with images you will cherish forever.  So will your child as they grow up.

Let’s start at the beginning – the newborn session:

Adding soft, delicate knitted items and a personal touch of their baby bracelet make this image just precious.  Tiny fingers and tiny toes, with the beautiful, sleeping face and carefully tied bow.  To me this is perfection.


The profile of a chubby cheek baby is always my favorite.  Add the classic bow, and vintage linens and you have another beautiful image.


Moving on to the next session at 4 months old, we want the baby to be able to make eye contact.  Sometimes we get lucky with a little spit bubble.  What I love most is their eyes are just full of wonder and delight, and their skin is pure milk and honey.


Being able to grab their little piggy toes is another great shot at this age.  They giggle and think funny noises are funny.  Vintage linens make this classic outfit just adorable.BHP_7702

Next is the 8 month session – where babies are steady sitters, and  crawling about.


Babies at this age love to stand and show off they are SO BIG so we love outfits that show off their baby chub and pair it with a vintage chair to hold on to.


Finally, the 12 month session – where we take multiple outfits and then finish with a smash cake at the end.  Babies love musical instruments, the love their independence, and they love little things to hold on to and explore.  And what girl doesn’t love jewelry?  So when I saw this vintage jewelry box, I knew it would be a great prop for little girls.  It’s been a hit so far.


So when the mom writes me this:

                                                             Brenda!!!! You’ve outdone yourself!! These are great!
                                                             Thank you!!?
I feel that sense of pride that I’ve added something positive to this families lives by capturing their precious baby as she grew and it makes me all warm and gooey inside.  It’s a privilege I do not take lightly.
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