Organic Bloom Frames: Add Character

One of the best ways to add a touch of character to your walls along with your portrait, is with Organic Bloom frames. They are unique and add a beauty all their own to any photograph. With so many  color and shape choices, the options are endless. 

I love having my family displayed on the wall in my office.


We have a personal draw to Organic Bloom because the Bloom family is near and dear to all of our hearts here at the Brenda Horan Studio. Not only are Andrea (aka Mrs. Bloom) and Vanessa sisters, but Andrea was our family babysitter all during her college years and is one of my closest girlfriends. Brenda and she have a special, close and dear friendship as well. We know their family first hand and know the integrity and character they have built their business on. It is impressive to see the success they have experienced in such short amount of time, and it’s been our honor to walk along side them through this journey.

The gorgeous, Bloom family!


I love it when I am on Pinterest and I see postings about their frames. It’s so cool to see that people all over the country and world, for that matter, are getting into the Organic Bloom craze. Just yesterday I noticed  an image that was posted from Jewel, the singer’s, nursery. I’m SO proud of the level of recognition OB has gotten!


A few other options for displaying these gorgeous frames…



Brenda Horan Photography

Brenda Horan Photography 122
All of the beautiful colors Organic Bloom offers

We not only offer custom frames to fit any of your portrait needs, we also have a large selection of Organic Bloom ornament frames. They are adorning our Christmas tree this year and I think they add so much character! We printed chalkboard sayings to fill these frames and I love the finished product. Adding your own photos is also a nice touch, and adds so much personalization to your family’s tree.






If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift this year, look no further. I assure you, anyone who receives and Organic Bloom frame will be thrilled. We would love to help you choose the perfect size, color and shape for your specific space. Give us a call anytime, near or far, we can assist you with your Organic Bloom needs. Best part about it, they ship straight to your door usually in 3 weeks or less! (call Danielle @ 918-804-4528) Feel free to check out The Organic Bloom website here.