Photographers Essentials: Outdoor Stylized Sessions

Wouldn’t you agree, Brenda and Vanessa make the photography they capture look seemingly effortless?  They have an amazing, God given talent, however there are A LOT of factors that play into the success of a perfect outdoor photo shoot. As I’ve mentioned before, we like to focus on the details and believe when the little details are taken into consideration, the final

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results are usually pretty darn close to perfection. 

First we have a consult in our studio with each client. This ensures that we know what their expectations are, and also allows us to get a better vision for their family session. When we understand their vision, we are able to capture the heart and personality of their family. We will discuss outfit choices and colors. Pull props from our prop room that they love, and discuss pose combinations. Making sure all of the little details that matter to our client are observed and noted. Once the client leaves my office, I type out all the notes from our time together, print those notes and take them along to the photo session. This ensures we capture their vision and meet their expectations.


Another aspect to making sure an outdoor session is seamless and goes as perfect as possible, is the fact that we take our “Photographers Toolbox” along. Each and every object in this “toolbox” has come in handy at different times. We have gathered several items in our go-to toolbox after going to several sessions and wishing we had this or that. Look at the image below, it is pretty self explanatory of what the reason is behind each item. For instance, the bobby pins and hair clips help with fly away hair. We can easily hide a bobby pin and correct the issue of having hair blowing in a direction different from what we are wanting. The little PEZ dispenser and candies are an amazing tool for bribing kids. The PEZ dispenser fits perfectly on Brenda’s camera. Its a good focus for small children and they love the idea of

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getting a piece of candy once they have smiled and cooperated for us. The tissues, hand sanitizer and wet wipes are for obvious reasons. We use the clothes pins to tighten our clients tops to help give more shape. We never want the “baggy” look. It works not only with women’s tops but men and children too. If you see an object and wonder what our use for it is, leave a comment and I will be happy to inform you!