Photographing my own daughter

When I have inspirational ideas I typically ask my own 16 year old daughter to be my “model” so I can try out new lighting techniques, editing techniques and locations on her before I drag a client to remote locations.

This location I came across while I was on a walk with my husband, behind our house just a few weeks ago and I am in love with it… all except the mud. 🙂  We took these images just before sun set and I’m kinda in love with them.Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Bella-8408

Thankfully for me, my husband was willing to drag this tree to the exact location I wanted to capture this image.

Halo by Stirlings Flowers


Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Bella-8279 Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Bella-8303


This Sunflare image was Bella’s idea…. I love the softness of it.  This will probably end up on a wall in my house.



This next location, well let’s just say it was interesting…. I absolutley love the graffiti slab, but we had to chase off a few kids smoking to have the slab to ourselves.  This is going to be one of my favorite GO TO locations for Senior Boys this year.


And this location was Bella’s idea.  There was  another photographer also in this area, and I’m sure they got a big laugh out of Bella and I tromping thru the thick to get here because she forgot her shoes (who leaves home without shoes?) and I had to piggy back her to this spot… we laughed so hard because we just knew we looked ridiculous.  Next time I shoot here, we are taking my husband’s jeep into the thick so I don’t have to worry about snakes!


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