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I first met Brenda Horan when my little girl was almost 3 months old. I wanted sweet, little newborn baby pics, only my girl was no longer a newborn. I remember the first session well. I was a sweating mess when I left because my darling daughter did not cooperate. However, somehow in the midst of infant insanity she captured a shot that is to this day one of my very favorites. It’s amazing. The next shoot, the stars aligned and we (it was definitely a team effort) got her to go to sleep. Somehow Brenda got me those sweet, squished up, naked baby pics I wanted so badly. Again these are pictures you have done in the baby’s first week of life, not the twelfth week.  Brenda has taken my children’s pictures ever since. My daughter will be 5 next month and my son is 9. They both love going to see Miss Brenda. Kids grow up SO fast and all we have are the memories and pictures to help us remember. It is absolutely worth the investment to get quality pictures of your children. They will only grow and change. I am incredibly thankful we found Brenda Horan Photography. I have seen her demand nothing but the best from herself and her staff. You can look at the pictures on her website, they speak for themselves.

Keira Tyler September 14, 2015

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