Kimbra and Neil Mavis

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Brenda Horan is one of the most dedicated and passionate photographers I have met.  Brenda has been our family photographer for the last six years.  I noticed a beautiful card advertising her photography business at The Market in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was pregnant with my first born.  I viewed her website and immediately signed up for her Baby Cakes program.   This was such an important time to capture our new family beginning.  Brenda exceeded all our expectations with gorgeous images that were perfection.  I almost couldn’t believe these images were mine.  The images were so impressive that they brought tears of joy and happiness to many eyes including my family and friends.   I now have three children.  I loved Brenda‘s work and style so much, I have continued to use her with all three children and she continues to amaze me with her talent.  I love her gentleness with newborns and her patients and playfulness with babies and children.  She makes each session look effortless and that takes talent!   Our home is filled with the most beautiful pictures that I am so proud to display.  The pictures are timeless.  Brenda has created memories for my family that will always be loved and cherish forever.  I am blessed to have found a photographer with such an amazing gift.  Brenda truly puts her whole heart into her work and I am forever grateful.

Kimbra and Neil Mavis September 14, 2015

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