Generation Photography

The Mavis family have been customers of mine since Kimbra was pregnant with her first born.  Thru the past four years we have captured each of her three pregnancies and photos of all three children at various ages during their first year of life.  

Clients like Neil and Kimbra are very important to me.  They value photography.  They understand that they are capturing a moment in time.  And they know that even though there are less expensive photographers in Tulsa, that I will do my very best each and every session to capture images worthy of a place on their walls (not stuck in a drawer because they are a funny color or washed out).Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Mavis-1

This year Kimbra wanted to include her mother and grandmother in their family

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session.  Since I lost both of my grandmothers before my daughter was born I knew this was a very important session.   Capturing the GENERATION image was sentimental, because we never know what tomorrow will bring and it’s IMPORTANT to document our lives as we are.   Our children can look at these images 20 years from now can see who loved them when they were little, who taught them a poem or to cook, those things that mean something

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to us.



Capturing her children to showcase their personalities was also important to me.  Since I’ve gotten to know each child over the course of the past four years, I knew what to do to make them smile.  Tulsa-Photographer-Brenda-Horan-Baby-Girl



Thank you Kimbra and Neil for being so loyal to Brenda Horan Photography, for the support and love you have shown me over the years.  I truly appreciate it.


If you are contemplating a family photo session – please call me at 918-704-4399 or email me at:  I would love to talk to you about the many options we have for locations here in and around Tulsa.  I have been in business for over 15 years.  My studio runs with great efficiently so you will see your images in an online gallery within 48 business hours after your session, and can order within one week.  My clients tell me they love a quick turn around time and I strive to give them the satisfaction of getting their images and portraits in a timely manner.

– Brenda