Tulsa Photographer Brenda Horan shoots for Fashion & Elegance

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone and shot images of three beautiful Tulsa ladies from various age ranges, to showcase their beauty and elegance in formal wear.  I had a vision in my mind and partnered with Destry Davis, the fabulous Hair and Makeup Artist and owner of Glamor Artz ( http://www.glamorartz.com ) to make this  vision come true.

All three ladies arrived with no trace of makeup and a flurry of dresses for me to choose from.   Destry treated them to the ultimate glamor treatment.  Then they got to come upstairs to my studio, dress up and  stand in front of my camera.

Tina was the first to arrive… she is totally fit and  totally beautiful.  She has the most lushious hair ever.  I can’t say enough good things about Tina because you can see for yourself, the camera loves her.   Tina owns Parkhill South ( http://www.parkhillsouthtulsa.com ).





Then we have Judy,  she is the epitomy of elegance.  Yes, she’s 60+ but look at her radiate!   I absolutely LOVE her fur coat too…. it just went with the whole persona I had in my head.  Judy is an interior designer, and together with her husband, they own Wellquest ( http://wellquestmedical.com ).  If you haven’t seen me rave about Wellquest, check out their website.





Last I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca – she’s also an interior designer ( http://theguildcompany.com ) and when I met her I thought, OMG this is Gwennyth Paltrows sister or something!  You can see why for yourself!





So, I’m branching out, spreading my wings, still shooting the fun, bright colorful photos of babies and kids, but also the moodier, more traditional portraits.  I figure women buy these amazing ball gowns and never get any pictures of themselves wearing them other than an iPhone photo…. well ladies, now you can book a session with me and allow me to capture something truly beautiful of you.

I would consider it an honor to do so.


Brenda Horan has been in the photography business since 1999.  She has had established businesses in Maryland, Florida and now Tulsa.  If you need a photographer please call me!