What 2 Wear – Family Photo Session

The first thing I do when I’m building my family’s wardrobe for our yearly photo session is decide where I’m going to hang the portrait.  I want to be able to enjoy these images so I always hang my family portrait.  Once I  choose the location, I look around the room and take in all  the colors

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of my furnishings.  My house has a lot of aqua, grey and peacock blue.  So last year, this was our family image.  

Brenda's Family
Brenda’s Family

So, my advice to my clients is to look around their home for color inspiration.  You wouldn’t want to wear a bunch of orange when you have green and burgundy in your home.  It would just clash.  The colors of your room will dictate what is going to look the best in your portrait.   Keep in mind that neutrals like cream and gray can match pretty much anything, and there are varying shades of grey so everyone isn’t in all charcoal – making the photo a big blob.

Different hues of denim can also be helpful, but I would suggest staying clear o really pale shades of denim, go for darker hues.  It’s more timeless.

Where to start?   I love pattern, but not  everyone should be wearing a pattern.  Little girls can easily wear a print, and mom can then start to coordinate everyones outfits around that.  Checks are my favorite on boys.  Men can stick to basics but layer for interest.  Stick to a color palette of three colors and you should be safe.

Tips to Remember:

Keep the location and season in mind.

Pay attention to things like shoes, hair and nails.

Accessorize with jewelry, hats, scarves and vests.

Bring hair brush and hair spray if it’s a windy day.

Look at these suggestions to get inspiration.


Lots of stores, like Gap have clothing for the family and stick to the similar color hues in all their departments.  It’s pretty

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easy to pull looks together once you know what your color palette is.   Adding accessories you already have will make it more personal.

If you are considering a family session with me, I am happy to help you pull your looks together.  I have an array of things I can bring to stylized sessions that will add a bit of interest.  I just need to know what you will be wearing!

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